"We are an older couple who wanted to try hosting to give us an insight into other nationalities and earn some money for the extras in life. We were a bit nervous but we're given help and guidance from Southport international which made our first year memorable.
We hope this has been reflected in the fact our very first student has asked to stay with us again this year.
It is pleasure being part of this scheme enabling us to earn a little money while showing the students our beautiful area , customs and way of life.
I would like to think our students have gained as much as we have.
We are looking forward to hosting again this year." J&KB, Southport
"I started hosting for Southport International last year because my neighbours host for them too. So far I have hosted an adult group leader and also teenage students. We love welcoming different people to our home and our children particularly like having the teenagers to stay. They have been easy to get on with and respectful. During the day the students are on a full timetable of lessons and excursions which fit in with our work commitments. It is flexible so we can host as little or as much as we like throughout the year. Hosting is really easy and the extra income has paid for family days out and holidays." JC, Liverpool.
'We have found that all the children that we have hosted have been respectful and interesting to talk to.Trying to understand each other is sometimes a laugh. We  find that we get a lot out of their visit i.e. learning about their culture and listening to the stories about their life.
We are still in contact with students who we hosted 30 years ago. We would recommend hosting to anyone and of course  the money is useful.í
"My (Host) Family are the best!!! I learn so much and we visited so many places. I want to stay again next year!"
"I think this is my best stay ever. Southport is very beautiful and I like talking to my Host Mother. She has told me lots of interesting things about all the places we visited."
"I had so much fun with my (host) family. We play cards and talk and visit a lot of interesting places. I will always remember my time in Liverpool."
"They have been a very friendly familyand have helped me when I didnít know what to say. Their food was delicious, very tasty and natural. Toby and Ruby (the children) are very fun and I like playing with them. I am extremely glad."                  
"I will really miss them when I stay in Spain. I wish come back next year for stay with them other time."
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