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Qualified and experienced teachers are sought to provide up to a maximum of 15 contact hours teaching per week (usually Mon-Fri 9:00 - 12:30 including half hour break). The usual resources will be provided although teachers are encouraged to be inventive and proactive in the development of the course curriculum with the emphasis on spoken English.  Class sizes are up to a maximum of 15. Teachers are employed on a self-employed basis and the hourly payment is be 15.00


Also, teachers may wish to supervise activity sessions and excursions and the hourly  payment is 8.50

These sessions may be afternoon sports (indoor led by qualified PE teacher and outdoor where teacher led); project work; mini-golf; town trail; etc. These usually last from 1.30- 4.00

There are also some evening activities 7.30-10pm, such as discos, karaokes, quizzes etc. Also groups will have half day excusions from 1-6pm (5 hrs) or all-day Saturday excursions, 9-6pm (8.5 hrs).

April courses have various start dates and fewer teachers are required but the larger Summer courses start approx. 1st July with a brief meeting at teaching premises prior to the courses commencing (to be confirmed)

Courses are available for 2, 3 and 4 week periods and may continue into August.


Teaching premises are in Southport College in Southport, and in Liverpool City Centre.


To Download an application form click here. 

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