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Homestay and Mini Trip Guidelines

Mini – Trips

Occasionally we are asked to provide accommodation for a coach-load, (sometimes 2!) for French students who come to Southport on sightseeing tours.
These students arrive at a central location where they are introduced to their families. They are always placed either 2 or 3 per family.
 Payment is made during the day following the arrival by bank transfer.

  • The groups usually stay for  3, 4 or 5 nights
  • The French coach will usually have 2,3 or 4 pick –up points each morning and evening 
  •  Host families will need to take and collect their students every day
  • The students do not usually have any English lessons- they spend full days visiting Liverpool etc. however, some are now requesting morning lessons.
  • Pick ups and drop offs are usually around 8 – 8.15am and 6 – 6.30 pm.
The students do not have local bus passes as they should spend time each evening with their families


Homestays (Immersion)


We are regularly asked to find Host Families to take students into their homes and show them how a typical English family lives. This is quite different to the other students who attend courses as these students will be with the family 6 days a week. If this interests you and you would like to spend more time with a student then please consider the following points and then let your family co-ordinator know you are interested.

  • A host parent must not work
  • Ideally there should be other children in the family
  • The students are French
  • The students are aged 13-16,  boys and girls
  • Students are placed as the only French person in the family, but they may have a student of another nationality at the same time.
  • All have full board
  • Students would like to be involved in family activities, but should not be asked to pay for entrance charges etc, should you choose to invite them
  • Usually arrive with the rest of a group
  • The student will remain separate from the group except for attending the full day excursion on a Saturday.
  • The student is not provided with a bus pass from SI
  • The Host family will take and collect the student from the coach on the Saturday for the full day excursion
  • If the student wishes to attend other activities eg evening discos or evening bowling, and if you are able to take and collect the student then they may attend- details will be on your programme.



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