How much of a commitment do I have to make?
Our Summer courses last for between one and four weeks but we welcome Mini Trips throughout the year which only last a few days.
Who are the guests?
School pupils on group trips mostly from Spain, France, Italy, and Russia. The majority of them are aged from 13 to 16 but we do have some students who are younger, and occasionally 17 year-olds.
I am retired and live on my own, can I host?
Of course! The most important thing is that you provide a welcoming safe environment for the student. 
What if my student has dietary requirements?
You will be consulted before you accept to host the student and paid an extra allowance to cover any extra expense.
What support will I get?
Your Local organiser will give all the support you need and there will always be someone contactable 24 hours a day.
Will my student be at home all day?
No, the students have lessons every morning and activities in the afternoons and all-day Saturday. However, you will have a chance to spend some quality time with your student on Sundays. We do have occasional Homestay students who do spend most of their time at home. Please let your local coordinator know if you would be interested in hosting one of these.
Will I have to pay tax?
You are allowed to earn up to 7,500 per year for hosting before being required to pay income tax. For more information, please visit
What is expected of me as a host?
Hosts provide a light breakfast, a packed lunch to take to school, and an evening meal, but the most important thing is to provide a friendly welcoming home. For full details please refer to our Host Family Guidelines 
How do I apply?
To contact your local coordinator click on the link for your area below. You will find information about dates etc there too.
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To contact your local coordinator,
click on your area below.
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