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We have been providing quality language courses in Southport Liverpool and Blackpool for almost twenty years. Our students are aged from 11 to 17 and mostly come from Spain, France, and Italy. However over the years we have had groups from Austria, the Netherlands, Russia, and China.
We provide a wide variety of courses for all levels of English. All of our courses include at least 3 hours of English lessons each morning and activities and excursions in the afternoons and there is usually an all-day excursion on a Saturday.
Originally we only had students in July and August but now we also welcome regular groups in April and we are kept busy with Mini-Trips throughout the year.
Dave Mitchell
"Karen and I loved hosting students and our children have made lifelong friends with several of them too. Our first student guests were a 12 year old Italian boy and a 22 year old Austrian woman and we have travelled all over Europe to visit the hometowns of many of our students. We started the business as a part-time venture but as it has steadily grown over the years it is now full-time jobs for us all."
Karen Mitchell
We first hosted foreign students in 1984 and was a local coordinator for ten years then in 1999 we decided to open our own school. After starting that year with just 22 students, we now welcome thousands of students. We like to think we are still small enough to know quite a number of the host families and they will often see us at summer discos, seeing off coaches.
John Griffiths 
Better known as Griff, he has taught English both in the UK and abroad for the last 30 years and is the third founding member of the  school.
"It is such a great job. not only do we help to improve our students' English, but we also become part of their memories forever. It's great to be part of a team that care so much about the students. From the hosts and coordinators to the teachers and leaders they're fantastic!"
Anne Hope
Anne is our longest serving Local Coordinator and looks after the hosts at our Blackpool Centre. She is never happier then when she is looking after a group of students. " I just want them to feel as safe and happy as they do at home and have a fantastic time here in Blackpool."
Jenny Macoy 
Jenny started hosting in 2013 and became our Liverpool Coordinator in 2015. " Itís lovely to hear the excitement in the students' voices talking about what theyve learned in lessons and how much they've enjoyed the activities arranged for them each day. I also love the camaraderie with all our hosts"
Jo Cowin
Jo joined the team in 2017 as Local coordinator for Southport and Formby. Having a background in teaching she has hosted for many years and previously performed a similar role for another school. "I have really enjoyed meeting and working with the Southport hosts and look forward to welcoming even more students to Southport and Formby in future." 
Karen Mitchell

"We first hosted foreign students in 1984, I became a local coordinator, then in 1999 we decided to open our own school. That first year we only had 22 students, we now welcome thousands each year but we like to think we are still small enough to know lots of the host families and they will often see us at the school, summer discos, or seeing off coaches."

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