Southport International Ltd. 10 Forest Road,Southport, PR8 6ST
Company Number 4000810

Adventure Course
2 week Sample Programme 
       MORNING                                  AFTERNOON                                      EVENING            
SUNDAY                                       Arrival of Group                                        Welcome party      
 MONDAY English Lessons  Orientation   Video evening
 TUESDAY English Lessons  Climbing  wall  Survival skills
 WEDNESDAY Tyrolean Zip Wires   Canoeing  Disco
 THURSDAY Ingleton Caves   Boulder Stone  Circus
 FRIDAY  Blackpool  Beach Games  Chillout
 SATURDAY  Manchester  Manchester  Disco
 SUNDAY  Overhead Ropes  Leap of Faith  Quiz
 MONDAY  English Lessons  Craft Workshop  Video evening
 TUESDAY  Abseiling  Ghyll Scrabling  Disco
 WEDNESDAY  English Lessons  Scavenger Hunt  Karaoke
 THURSDAY  Climbing  Pleasure Beach  Disco
 FRIDAY  Blackpool  Orienteering  Pizza evening
 SATURDAY  Liverpool  Liverpool  Farewell party
 SUNDAY   Departure of group