Southport International Ltd. 10 Forest Road,Southport, PR8 6ST
Company Number 4000810

Special Interest Course
Travel and Tourism
2 week Sample Programme 
       MORNING                                  AFTERNOON                                      EVENING            
SUNDAY                                     Arrival of group                                        
 MONDAY  English Lessons Orientation of local area   
 TUESDAY  English Lessons  Visit to Scarisbrick Hotel  
 WEDNESDAY  English Lessons  Visit to Liverpool Airport and Marriott Hotel  
 THURSDAY  English Lessons  Lecture by Southport Direstor of Tourism Karaoke evening 
 FRIDAY  English Lessons Swimming   
 SATURDAY   Excursion to Liverpool   
 SUNDAY   Host Family Day   
 MONDAY English Lessons  Visit to Vincent Hotel   
 TUESDAY  English Lessons visit to Southport College Dept. of T&T   
 WEDNESDAY  English Lessons  Excursion to Chester (Tourist Board).  
 THURSDAY English Lessons   Visit to Disco 
 FRIDAY English Lessons   Bowling  
 SATURDAY   Excursion to Manchester   
 SUNDAY    Departure of group