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Hosting in Liverpool
Here is some general information about hosting. If you are interested, please contact Jenny and we will arrange a visit at your home.

Our Host Families come in all shapes and sizes!

It doesn't matter if you are married or not or if you have children at home or not. All that matters is that you can provide a welcoming home for a visiting foreign student or students

Some of our Host Families have been hosting for ten years or more and really look forward to the arrival of new students every year.

Monday to Saturday, the students have breakfast with their Host Families take a packed lunch with them and are out for the whole day. They return to have their evening meal with the family and spend most evenings with them unless we have an organised activity.

Sundays we call our "Host Family Day" when we ask families to involve the students in whatever they are doing themselves that day though very occasionally there may be something organised on these days too.

If you are interested Click here for our full Host Family Guidelines