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Group Accommodation 
We offer three main types of group accommodation.
Individual host family accommodation.
"Duo" or "Trio" host family accommodation.
Residential accommodation.
Individual Host Family accommodation is on a full-board basis living with an English-speaking family. The student may be alone with the host family or there may be a student of a different nationality staying with the same family. In either case, it is a great way for students to use their English in a natural setting.
As the names suggest, "Duo" or "Trio" host family accommodation is when two or three students choose to stay together with the same English Family. This is increasingly popular and is particularly successful for more timid students who can help and encourage each other to use their English.
Hotel or Hostel style residential accommodation for groups can be arranged upon request.
The accommodation at each of our centres is organised by an experienced family coordinator who knows all of the families well so the more information we have about the students, the better the match that they can make with their host family.
See centres for more information about the Family Coordinators